With over 20 years of practical experience working in companies like yours Splatsoft has a wide range of skills directly related to the day−to−day management of small to medium businesses.
Here are a few of them:

I have created robust processes and systems that allowed one company to switch to working from employees homes with minimal disruption during flooding and provided another company with documented plans to re−establish their entire operations infrastructure in alternate premises within 24 hours of an incident.

I have designed, built and maintained cutting edge computer systems to manage the administration of insurance policies over the Internet using branded web sites and custom written management systems. This enabled the policies and all the corresponding paperwork to be issued instantly to the customer with live cover.

I have reviewed and optimised payroll systems to reduce the average time it takes to process a single timesheet from over eight minutes to less than one. This massively increased both the efficiency of the whole payroll process and it's capacity, whilst at the same time, reduced the data entry error rates.

I have managed a multi−stage analysis, design and tender process for the integration and optimisation of disparate systems, software and processes in a multi−branch estate agency. This allowed them to utilise a single−vendor solution at both head−office and branches to produce real−time co−ordinateded management reporting.

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